Women dating younger men

For the couple who celebrates in a few months their first year of marriage, the question of the baby is already grave. “The main difference between us is baby’s desire. I’m 31 years old, and I have to hurry to be a mother if I want several children … But Karim thinks he has time to enjoy his “youth” ! “. Indeed, the young man does not feel ready to have a child at 27 years … “Even if my father at my age already had several … But we do not live the same time! “Says the groom who confesses to still spend nights in front of video games with his friends … But Samira hopes to convince him very quickly.

Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation

To understand the concept of gender identity, it is essential to distinguish it from sexual orientation.

Sexual orientation is defined as the physical or emotional attraction for a person of the same sex (homosexuality), the opposite sex (heterosexuality) or regardless of gender (bisexuality). For its part, gender identity has nothing to do with the attraction of a person. Instead, it refers to the individual feeling of being a woman or a man. Thus, sexual orientation and gender identity are two entirely separate concepts.

As with gender identity, the education received does not explain the emergence of a sexual orientation, be it homosexual, heterosexual or bisexual.. For example, a boy who plays a doll or a girl who is interested in sport is not a sufficient indication that the child will have a gender identity contrary to his birth sex or that the child will have an orientation. Homosexual. The same is true for young people: a teenager wishing to dance or a teenager wanting to play football does not determine his or her gender identity or sexual orientation. Individual interests have absolutely no connection with cougar dating or gender identity. We find as much diversity in personality, benefits, and attitudes in heterosexual as homosexual, bisexual or transgender people.

When it comes to sexual diversity, we often group the concepts of gender identity and sexual orientation under the acronym LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual or bisexual, transgender and questioning). This may give the impression that the two notions are of the same nature, whereas the only link that unites them is that of diversity. We must understand that people from the LGBTQ community have come together to fight against the discrimination they may experience regarding sexual difference and not because they are all defined in the same way.